Scratch is a seasonal bakery that chooses the finest ingredients to provide its customers with the best product possible. This means that every time you walk through the door, you will find the best new foods that each season has to offer, and you will be supporting local farms, producers and businesses.


Shirred eggs — with buttery toast
Buttermilk biscuit — add farm egg, First Hand sausage, or cheddar cheese
Avocado toast  with buttermilk radishes
Broccoli tartine — ricotta, vincotto, sunny egg, hearth bread


Cold coconut soup — crispy pork belly, rice noodles, white kimchi, scallion chile oil
Pickled egg salad
— on seeded wheat with local lettuces
Rice bowl — housemade kimchi, pickled daikon, sunny egg, soy butter
Chile roasted sweet potato salad — pickled celery, blue cheese dressing, pecan cornbread croutes, local lettuces
Green tomato torta — pintos, cortido, queso fresco, mayo, cilantro, house bun
Hot corned beef — toasted rye, Swiss, salted cabbage, and thousand island dressing
Lamb belly wrap — walnut spread, fermented carrots, local lettuces, yogurt, whole-wheat flatbread


Buttermilk biscuit — add farm egg, sharp cheddar, chow chow, kimcheez, bacon jam, curtido, First Hand sausage, city ham, sorghum or chive butter
Shirred eggs — with buttery toast
Cheezy heirloom grits
Grits bowl — housemade kimchi, pickled daikon, sunny egg
Chile roasted sweet potato salad — pickled celery, blue cheese dressing, pecan cornbread croutes, local lettuces
Shak shuka — two farm eggs, tomato-braised seasonal vegetables, minted tahini, hearth bread
Avocado toast — with buttermilk radishes
Fickle Creek duck egg sandwich — bacon jam, sharp cheddar, sweet potato mayo, pickled red onions, house bun
Scafata benedict — braised spring greens and rice peas, two poached farm eggs, focaccia, mint hollandaise
Toasted cornbread — sugared cornbread croutons, full-fat buttermilk, Tennessee sorghum berries


  • Lemon chess — bright and sunny, with buttermilk and cornmeal
  • Chocolate chess — dark, crackly, and gooey, in a chocolate crust
  • Strawberry-rhubarb — sweet berries, tart rhubarb, walnut-rye streusel
Please call the shop to see what else we're offering!